Ep. 142: Paul Karolyi – Host of Changing Denver Podcast

Paul Karolyi is the host of Changing Denver, The Denver Pizza Podcast, Denverite Now, and the winner of Westword’s 2017 Best Denver Podcast (staff choice). He’s an incredibly talented podcaster, an unparalleled interviewer, and someone I’m proud to have in my orbit as a fellow Denver podcaster.

He’s good enough to sit down with me and talk about a wide range of issues on this week’s show including the origins of Changing Denver, what facilitated his move to Denver, his day job, and a ton more. We also share some thoughts on gentrification, exchange some hot takes on pizza, share some laughs, and generally do what we do best when we’re in front of a microphone.

It’s a terrific episode, and you should absolutely check out Paul’s work in all the venues in which he does them. When I found out Paul was the other winner of Westword’s Best of Denver, I was thrilled, and as he shares in this episode, I was actually the first person to congratulate him. I hold Paul in the highest regard. You can follow Paul on Twitter right here.

We’re also proud to talk about the formation of the Denver Podcast Network, which you’ll be hearing about more and more as the weeks and months roll on. We talk about that on this week’s show as well.

You can download this episode on Apple Podcasts, stream it on Stitcher, or listen at the Jon of All Trades homepage.

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