Ep. 124: Tarek Chacra – Founder of Media Dynamics

Tarek Chacra is the founder of Media Dynamics, a Denver-based creative services agency he founded in 1991. Anyone who can start their own business and remain successful for more than 25 years is someone I’m extremely interested in talking to both because that’s impressive on its own, and I want to unlock the secret of that longevity so I never have to go crawling back to an unfulfilling corporate job ever again.

Tarek takes us back to the early days of Media Dynamics, shares the story of getting his first paid gig, and talks through how his business has changed in that time. We talk about everything from the democratization of video content creation to his case for remaining relevant in a perpetually evolving environment. Tarek is one of the most interesting people I get the privilege to talk to, and this episode is proof positive of his savvy and insight.

Beyond the vocational aspect of this week’s episode – which is the driving force behind my entire show – I’m beyond thrilled that Tarek and I got to have one of our familiar chats on the record. As much as I love to hire Tarek for any number of video projects, my favorite thing is to get together with him and talk about the issues of the day. And we do that quite a bit here.

As a Middle Eastern immigrant himself – Tarek immigrated from Lebanon in 1983 – I wanted his thoughts on the recent travel ban proposed by the new Administration. We talk about the evolution of how people receive their news. We get into some discussion of generational communication. And that’s a mere snapshot of the issues Tarek and I discuss. When I sit down with Tarek, I could go all day with him. So I hope you enjoy the chance to listen in on us discussing cultural topics.

This episode is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the Jon of All Trades homepage.

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