Ep. 122: Mia Klosterman – Lead Singer of The Hits

Mia Klosterman is lead singer of the badass all-female Denver rock band The Hits. She’s also an actor, a graduate in theater and psychology from UNC, aspiring National Anthem singer at a Denver Broncos game, and an all-around ray of sunshine. And she’s bringing me back to my interviewing roots!

I got my start interviewing at my college radio station where I interviewed a ton of bands both live on the air, and remotely at concerts. As a music nerd, it was always fun getting to peek behind the curtain and dive deep into the musicmaking process. And this week’s show is a nice return to form for me, especially since it’s been a long while that I’ve talked to a musician.

Mia Klosterman joins me on the podcast as we geek out about our shared history growing up in the theater, go through some vocal exercises as we gain insight into how a professional singer warms up (this was some of the most fun I’ve had on the show as we relive some of the vocal warmups I did in drama camp as a kid), talk about what she sees for The Hits in 2017, and a ton more. Mia is interested in a lot, and this episode ends up covering a lot of ground.

One of the more interesting parts of our conversation comes at the end when we talk about the resistance faced by female artists in a male-dominated genre. It’s not that they face outright discrimination, but more deal with a seemingly endless serving of backhanded compliments from oblivious chuckleheads who are surprised by the chops of an all-female rock group. It’s a more subtle form of sexism, and hearing Mia talk about her band’s role in continuing to break down barriers is energizing.

Be sure to check out The Hits on Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud.

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