Ep. 191: Sandra Murphy – Voice Mama (Voiceover Artist)

Sandra Murphy, also known as the Voice Mama, is a Denver-based voiceover artist who works on commercials, e-learning courses, and audio books. She reached out to me before my appearance at the Colorado Independent Publishers Association thing I did a couple of weeks ago and asked me if I’d featured voiceover work on the show….

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Ep. 122: Mia Klosterman – Lead Singer of The Hits

Mia Klosterman is lead singer of the badass all-female Denver rock band The Hits. She’s also an actor, a graduate in theater and psychology from UNC, aspiring National Anthem singer at a Denver Broncos game, and an all-around ray of sunshine. And she’s bringing me back to my interviewing roots! I got my start interviewing…

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Ep. 119: Patrick Sheridan – Filmmaker, Acting Teacher, Cancer Fighter

Patrick Sheridan is the Executive Director and Host of the Emerging Filmmakers Project. He also works with young actors and prepares them for how to act on film. Patrick has also served as a script doctor and done punch up for a number of projects. He’s a prolific, talented and engaged artist. But his primary…

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