Ep. 103: Dr. Jim Gunderson – Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Expert, Founder of GunderFish

Dr. Jim Gunderson, is the founder of Gunderfish, and also serves as its Chief Cognitive Systems Architect (a great title, and one he created for himself). He has a PhD in computer science, and has worked for the last 20+ years in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics. His newest venture, Gunderfish, aims to provide you with AI tools that actually make your life better.

So what’s that mean? In a nutshell, Jim seeks to take all of his learnings in the field of artificial intelligence and apply them to content generation for all manner of content providers.

(Cue Don LaFontaine voice) In a world where new social platforms spring up overnight, all demanding fresh content, it can seem impossible to manage it all. That’s where Jim Gunderson’s PhD level experience is here to help. He wants technology to manage technology. Coming soon: Gunderfish! Automating blog content for the new millennium!

Jim is an amazing guy with incredible intelligence and expertise that only comes from thoughtful creation of amazing technology applied in creative ways. While we do spend a good chunk of time talking about what Gunderfish hopes to achieve and the various barriers that exist in doing so, we spend at least an equal amount of time on this episode talking philosophically.

We chat about how automation and application of AI impacts our economy and what it means for the future of work. Put another way: What do we do when the robots have taken all our jobs?

We also talk about the reality of self-driving cars, whether or not the robots will actually one day turn against us, the difference between approaching AI from a mathematical standpoint and a biological one, and why he became interested in this in the first place.

It’s an absolutely fascinating chat with a brilliant man, so be sure to tune in. You can download the episode on iTunes, stream it on Stitcher, or listen at the Jon of All Trades homepage.

Also, if you want more from Jim, don’t miss his LinkedIn page, which is filled with terrific curated content and links to tons of cool stuff.

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