This Week’s Episode (5.11.15): Brandi Shigley Returns!

And we’re back! After almost a month away, the Jon of All Trades Podcast returns with a vengeance! And who better to welcome the show back to the (internet) airwaves, than a returning guest, a creative instigator, and an all-around inspiration: Brandi Shigley!

Brandi was a guest way back on Episode 6 of the podcast where we discussed her many entrepreneurial endeavors, the origin of how making handbags launched her into a full-time fashionista, and, notably, her personal history which included the story of her adoption from an orphanage in The Philippines.

On this week’s show we bring that story full circle as I catch Brandi shortly after her return from a trip to The Philippines to bring clean water to villagers, give presents to and entertain the children at the very same orphanage from which she came, and dig deeper into her roots as she visits the house where her birth parents once lived. In addition, Brandi shares some fun tales from the road, insights into The Philippines (footwear, cuisine, traffic), and a ton of interesting stuff you’re not going to get anywhere else. Brandi has incredible energy, wonderful passion, and a terrific story.

During the episode Brandi said this pilgrimage will change not only her, but how she does business from here on out. You’ll see what I’m talking about, and realize you wouldn’t be the same either, when you listen to the episode which drops on Wednesday, May 13. You can find it, as always, on iTunes, Stitcher, or the Jon of All Trades homepage.

A quick thank you to everyone who has reached out to me after getting laid off. I literally cannot remember when I’ve been this happy or had this much professional and creative energy. While working in the corporate world had a lot of benefits, I’m thrilled to be onto the next phase of my life. I am filled with gratitude that you are, in what ever way you are, a part of it. Thank you for your ongoing support of me, the podcast, and all my projects. I adore you.

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