This Week’s Episode (3.9.15): Jesse Crock

This week’s guest is Jesse Crock, fine artist and painter extraordinaire. You can find samples of Jesse’s work at his website Jesse Crock Art, where he also provides updates as to where you can find his art in the real world. His work is currently featured at Baere Brewing and the Golden Moon Speakeasy, among other places across Colorado.

On this week’s show, Jesse shares with us the high school teacher who inspired him to become both a practicing artist and an art educator, the importance of being a practicing artist to his work as a teacher, how he came to design the beer cans for Eddyline Brewery, and how his work ended up featured at so many different craft breweries and distilleries.

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Believe it or not, we also have a fascinating conversation about paint drying. No joke. It’s part of a larger conversation about Jesse’s preferred medium of acrylics, but it’s amazing just how interesting the process of paint drying is to a practicing, successful painter. And his passion about his work shines brilliantly throughout this week’s episode.

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