This Week’s Episode (2.23.15): Reyna Bryan

This week’s guest is Reyna Bryan, founder of the Recycling Is Sexy movement, and Head Honcho at Rainchild Design. She sits down with Jon and talks about working on both the advocacy and implementation side of making our packaging – and, frankly, our world – more sustainable.

Recycling Is Sexy is the advocacy side. It’s “a movement to elevate the consciousness of consumers; Empowering people with information and clarity about the environmental impact of products so that together we can support companies that are leading the way towards sustainability.” Utilizing a powerful team of scientific and artistic ninjas (her words), the movement seeks to inspire and enlighten consumers with art and easily digestible facts to compel companies to make products that are truly good for the planet.

Rainchild Design is the implementation side. Founded also by Reyna, Rainchild helps companies engineer products and operations management solutions to help our clients cut material/labor costs, increase their brand value, and reduce their environmental impact. 

It’s the yin and the yang of creating real change. And lest you think Reyna Bryan is all talk, she’s putting her money where her mouth is. Follow her journey of a 30-day Zero Waste Challenge. All of the pertinent info is at the previous link.

And once you’re up to speed, join us on Wednesday, February 25 for a great chat that covers a lot of ground all across the sustainability movement. This episode, like all of them, will be available for download for free from iTunes, Stitcher, and right here.

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