Two Popular Denver Podcasts Join Forces to Launch “Happy Friday”


Two Popular Denver Podcasts Join Forces to Launch “Happy Friday”
Jon Ekstrom of “Jon of All Trades” and Kevin Batstone and Arthur Rawe of “Discussion Combustion Podcast” join Mile High Life in new endeavor

(September 19, 2022) – Putting the spotlight on the city and the state they love, Jon Ekstrom of the award-winning Jon of All Trades Podcast is partnering with Kevin Batstone and Arthur Rawe of the wildly popular Discussion Combustion Podcast to create Happy Friday, a new weekly show focusing on cool stuff to do around Colorado, good vibes, and fun banter.

“The world can be a tough and ugly place,” said Ekstrom. “Our goal with this show is not to ignore, diminish, or obfuscate any of the very real challenges people experience in our city. We simply want our show to be a hearty dose of joy and fun as people dive headlong into the weekend.”

“Arthur and I have built Discussion Combustion into something we’re very proud of averaging more than 10,000 downloads per episode,” said Batstone. “Jon has given us some sage advice along the way, and look at what he’s built with Jon of All Trades. That’s a Denver institution at this point. We’d have to be fools to ignore advice he’s given us. We’ve been kicking around this collaboration for several months, and it’s finally time to make it real. We’re stoked.”

Happy Friday’s first episode will debut on Friday, September 23 on podcatchers everywhere and YouTube. The format sees the three hosts cover somewhere between five and 10 topics focusing on Colorado happenings, recent news, cool stuff they found on the internet, and good-natured arguments. The average runtime will be 30 minutes and features a custom theme song by Denver punk band The Frickashinas titled, appropriately, “Happy Friday.”

“Jon shines a spotlight on the fulfillment people get from the work they do. Kevin and I have a mission statement on our show to be critical, loving, and accepting. We welcome guests and provide a platform to be heard. Why not combine that shared energy into a fun new project and help everyone create a truly Happy Friday each week?” added Rawe. “It’s all about the love, baby.”

The show joins Mile High Life, a new network that celebrates the people and stories that uniquely shape life in the Centennial State. Mile High Life is an extension of the successful Colorado sports media empire Mile High Sports.

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