This Week’s Episode (9.8.14): Dan Knudson and Mike Anderson

This week’s guests are Dan Knudson and Mike Anderson, principals at Dan Knudson Productions. They sit down with Jon and have a very laid back chat about the unpredictability of life as a commercial photographer and videographer, the excitement of not knowing where they’re going to be working a week from now, and how 99% of their business is referrals. It’s a traditional episode of Jon of All Trades, but it’s also got a hangout vibe that makes this episode unique. This episode showcases three dudes who just enjoy talking to each other, and the conversation meanders into directions it doesn’t usually go. You’ll also get a bit of insight into what Jon’s day job is like, how Dan helped pull Mike through some dark times, and the legend of Crack Dancing.

Join us on Wednesday, September 10 for Ep. 28 of Jon of All Trades. Download on iTunes, stream on Stitcher, or listen here at the mothership.

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