This Week’s Episode (9.29.14): Sean DeHerrera

This week’s guest is Sean DeHerrera, tattoo artist and owner of Theoretical Ink. Sean is going on 5 years of owning his own professional body arts shop featuring custom tattoos and piercings, but has been tattooing for far longer. Before opening his own shop, and while he pursued his dream as a professional artist, he was a master carpenter and owned his own general contracting business. Sean has always had incredible artistic gifts, and in this week’s episode he talks not only about how skin is the ideal medium for artistic expression, but how being able to draw and have a good eye is roughly 10% of being a tattoo artist. He talks about the mechanics of using the gun, the thorough health, safety and hygiene aspects of his job, how the lack of a central regulatory body leads to bad tattoos, and the wear and tear of being hunched over his clients day after day.

Join us on Wednesday, October 1, as the episode goes live. You can download it on iTunes, Stitcher, or the Jon of All Trades homepage.

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