This Week’s Episode (9.22.14): Jay Titterington

This week’s guest is Jay Titterington, an auto broker with H.M. Brown and Associates. Jay has been in the auto industry for more than 15 years and his bounty of experience shines through in this week’s episode. We talk about the car buying, selling, and leasing experience from top to bottom as we discuss how working with a dealership is designed to torture you, how working with a broker is different, the reason the used car market is so insane right now, and why (surprisingly) Jay’s passion is not for cars. According to Jay, you will spend more money on cars throughout your life, than you ever will on a house or anything else. Given that, I’m excited to present this episode to you as it’s basically everything you ever wanted to know about the car buying experience, but were afraid to ask. The episode premieres on Wednesday, September 24th.

You can download it on iTunes, Stitcher, or at the Jon of All Trades homepage.

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