This Week’s Episode (7.6.15): Mike Santos

This week’s guest is Mike Santos, commercial radio production director, voiceover talent and imaging producer. For the last seven months, Mike has served as the Breakfast Image Producer for the “Kyle and Jackie O Show”, which is Australia’s #1 radio show. Previously, he served as the Production Director for “The Daly Download” with Carson Daly and the Commercial Production Director and Imaging Producer for Carson Daly on Amp 97.1 Radio in Los Angeles. He’s also worked in San Francisco and Denver, as well as in a freelance capacity for stations all across the United States.

Mike is a good friend and someone who was much better at college radio than I was while we worked together at 90.5 KCSU. I happened to catch him while he was back in the States on vacation for the first time since relocating to Australia, and he was good enough to sit down with me for an hour and talk shop. On this week’s show, we chatted about how a radio program actually gets made, what Carson Daly is really like (Spoiler Alert: He’s a really nice guy with an incredible work ethic!) and how Mike’s skills have evolved. We also just spend some time yakking at each other like good buddies.

Check out this episode when it drops on Wednesday, July 8 at the Jon of All Trades homepage. Or, you can download it on iTunes or stream it on Stitcher.

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