This Week’s Episode (7.21.14): William Nee

This week’s guest is William Nee, United States ex-pat and China Researcher for Amnesty International. William, or as I’ve known him throughout my life, Bill, and I have known each other since high school where Bill drove me home from swim practice. We reminisce a little bit about how Bill had a positive influence on me as I grew up, and talk about the two greatest team shirts in the history of high school – one of which quoted a Communist dictator, and the other quoted a prominent 1970s psychedelic rock band.

More importantly we talk about his work on behalf of human rights in China, how he came to live abroad, and the ascendancy of China in terms of its world position. Join us on Wednesday, July 23rd for a stimulating chat about China, studying abroad in South America, the things you miss about the U.S. and a lot more.

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