This Week’s Episode (6.9.14): Brett Zahrte

Brett and Jon small

This week’s guest is Brett Zahrte, assistant brewer at Renegade Brewing Company. Dedicated to “doing the don’t,” by their own admission, Renegade doesn’t “care about traditional styles, or following the trends, we care about making f’ing delicious beer that we are proud to serve.” In this week’s episode, Brett and Jon cover the day in the life of a brewer, how new brews come to fruition, Renegade’s proud place in the community, as well as Brett’s personal journey to being a part of one of the most exciting breweries in Denver. Join us on Wednesday, June 11 for an inside look at the craft beer industry.

And don’t forget to check out Renegade’s 3rd Anniversary Block Party, June 28 from 3-10 pm. Live music, food trucks, limited release brews, and $5 a beer! I’ll be there, you should be too. We’ll talk more about it in this week’s episode, so be sure to tune in.

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