This Week’s Episode (6.8.15): Sahar Paz

This week’s guest is Sahar Paz, speaker, author, yoga instructor, and life coach. She has written the book Find Your Voice: The Life You Crave Is a Conversation Away. In it, “Sahar shares a creative non-fiction story, as well as a guide for the reader to understand her inner voice. These practices are rooted in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, a technique that has positively impacted many suffering from PTSD, including the author.”

On the Jon of All Trades Podcast, we always try to highlight our guests’ careers – covering what they do, how they do it, and the origin story of how they came to do what they do. Sahar’s road to her life as a speaker, author, yoga instructor and life coach begins at a very early age, and she’s generous to share it with us on the show.

We discuss her early life growing up in her native Iran, her move to the United States and the resultant challenges she faced once here, her life in New York and why seeming to have all your dreams come true can be unfulfilling. This episode touches on some intense themes as we discuss the oppression Sahar experienced in Iran, the discrimination she encountered once she moved to the United States, and her three suicide attempts in her mid-20s.

What’s most important is how Sahar has taken all of this experience and channeled it into what she’s doing now. She’s written her book and travels all across the country inspiring women and teen girls with her story and her coaching. Sahar Paz is a lovely person, a complete ray of sunshine, and someone we are proud to feature on the podcast.

Join us on Wednesday, June 10 for this episode of the Jon of All Trades Podcast. You can download it on iTunes, stream it on Stitcher, or listen at the Jon of All Trades homepage.

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