This Week’s Episode (6.29.15): Sarah Hogan and Cori Streetman

This week’s guests are Sarah Hogan and Cori Streetman (left and center, respectively, pictured above), founders of Barefoot PR. According to their website:

“Barefoot PR was founded on the belief that reputations are built on a true commitment to doing the right thing. Never dressing up clients to be something they are not, Barefoot PR works with both businesses and nonprofits to build reputational capital through traditional and non-traditional public relations strategies.”

On this week’s show, Cori and Sarah recount how they came to know each other, the courtship ritual that happens when forging a new business relationship (truly, it’s not that fundamentally different than dating), and the type of work they do. Also, Jon can’t stop making movie references for some reason. It’s a fun show wherein you get a candid peek into how business acquaintances grew into close friends who have maintained that friendship and found success.

Check it out on Wednesday, July 1! You can find it here at the Jon of All Trades Podcast homepage, downloadable on iTunes, or streamable on Stitcher. Leave your shoes at the door, and we’ll see you Wednesday!

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