This Week’s Episode (6.1.15): Bard Parnell

This week’s guest is Bard Parnell, ultrarunner and founder of Feed Your Crazy. If you know anything about ultrarunning, it’s probably not surprising that Bard frequently got called crazy for following this passion of his. This used to bother and annoy him. Then he started to embrace his craziness, and hence, began to feed his crazy. Here’s how Feed Your Crazy describes itself:

“The world calls us crazy for training hard. People have begun to believe that comfort and ease are the goal of life. We think differently. We get up early, we train hard, we push limits and do things people call impossible. If you’re itching to get moving, itching to train, get out and feed your crazy.”

On this week’s show, we dig in hard to Bard’s crazy as he talks in great detail what it’s like to train for, and run a 100 mile ultramarathon, such as the Ouray 100. We discuss such seemingly crazy things as taking a Friday night to run the distance of a marathon on a treadmill, how eating Doritos, gummy bears and Coca-Cola helps runners during the grueling 100 miles, and how Bard’s body feels after completing the event. It’s incredible insight into something I’m likely never to experience myself (and I’m guessing many of you won’t either).

One of the most surprising things about this episode is Bard’s running origin story. He’s not a lifelong runner, and, in fact, picked it up just over a decade ago. He was brutally attacked, and during his recovery he found the mountain of pills he was getting prescribed didn’t help him feel any better, only one thing did… And then he just kept on feeding his crazy.

Check out Feed Your Crazy on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and listen to this week’s episode, which premieres Wednesday, June 3rd, right here at Jon of All Trades, on Stitcher, and on iTunes.

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