This Week’s Episode (5.5.14): Ben Brown – Launch of Confidential Series

Ben and Jon Small

This week we launch our CONFIDENTIAL series of the Jon of All Trades Podcast with Ben Brown, a man who’s worked on and around Wall Street in the U.S. financial sector for nearly 15 years (and is also my brother-in-law). What is the CONFIDENTIAL Series? So far on the Jon of All Trades Podcast, we’ve featured a lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners, who have shared with us their journeys toward success. Their stories are valuable, and we will continue to feature them prominently over the coming weeks.

However, focusing only on that aspect of business would be incomplete. There exists a large segment of the populace that works in parts of the business world we don’t hear from frequently – people who work in industries that keep us safe, in jobs that are technically complex, and for large corporations that have either very conservative media engagement policies, or onerous compliance processes that make talking to someone like me either impossible, or filled with an incredible amount of bureaucratic rigmarole.

Yet their stories are valuable, and deserve to be told. So I started a subset of this podcast called the CONFIDENTIAL Series, where we get into many of the details about industries you may not know much about without mentioning specific companies.

Ben Brown is our first, and he provides amazing insight into the world of United States finance. We talk about hedge funds, working as a stock trader on Wall Street, financial regulation, Bernie Madoff and many more of the burning issues you’ve likely heard about, but not dug into.

Join us on Wednesday, May 7 for the launch of our CONFIDENTIAL Series, and a chat about high finance.

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  1. Takashi says:

    Oh, Grace, I’m not sure how I missed this cmnemot. I am so so sorry to hear about your wrist being sprained last month. Please know that you are in my prayers. May Yahweh use this time of slower activity to speak to you and draw you ever closer to Himself and may He bring a quick and full recovering, soon!Blessings, Love and Prayers,Samantha

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