This Week’s Episode (5.25.15): Rob Ryzin

Happy Memorial Day to you! And it’s an especially happy Memorial Day to me because I get to hype up this week’s episode. This is an interview I’ve wanted to conduct since before I even started conducting interviews or even conceived of this show. It’s only fitting that Denver Comic Con just wrapped up, because growing up, this was my comics, this was my superheroes, this was my fantasy world. On this week’s Jon of All Trades, I’m talking to a professional wrestler!

Rob Ryzin, a.k.a. “The Denver Daredevil,” joins me and we indulge our deepest nerdy wrestling impulses as we share our stories of how we got into it, our huge collections of action figures, who our favorite guys were, and a ton more. We then spend the bulk of the episode talking about Rob’s career. We talk how he got trained, his ascent through the Denver scene, the angle that sent him packing from his home state (it’s a great one, and it tickled this wrestling nerd’s fancy just right), what he’s up to in his new home of Orlando, the brushes he’s had with WWE, and what’s next for him.

I’ve loved wrestling for as long as I can remember, so getting the chance to talk shop with a real live wrestler who’s wrestled the likes of Matt Hardy, Rikishi, The Honky Tonk Man and a ton more was an incredible thrill for me. However, even if you’re not a wrestling fan, I think you’ll find the life of a wrestler fascinating. It’s certainly not an easy life with the travel and the physical toll on the body, and Rob gives us a glimpse into it.

Big thanks to my buddy Chris for setting me up with Rob. This episode goes out to him. Before you tune into this week’s episode, be sure to follow Rob on Twitter, like him on Facebook, and pick yourself up a nice Rob Ryzin shirt from his official store at Also check out Bree Davies’ interview with Rob from the Westword from 2013 because it covers some of the things I don’t.

The episode goes live May 27. Don’t miss it! Available on iTunes, Stitcher, and right here.

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