This Week’s Episode (4.7.14): Brandi Shigley

Brandi and Jon

This week’s guest is Brandi Shigley, a creative instigator who does what she loves, loves what she does, and turns dreamers into doers. She is an entrepreneur and woman about town that you can find doing speaking engagements, leading workshops for emerging fashion designers, and helping people realize you can Do What You Love. She is the founder of Fashion Denver, which works to build networks, create business relationships, and allow people to share their passion for fashion. She also runs her own consulting business, called B.23 Productions. Brandi and Jon have an energizing chat about all her many ventures – including her burgeoning music career with B.Sue – and how she got started in all of this at the age of 23. Join us on Wednesday, April 9 for this week’s show!

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