This Week’s Episode (4.6.15): Andrew Tucker

Spring is here! As everyone awakes from their winter cocoon and ventures back outside, I welcome the new season with one of the finer ways to enjoy the warmer weather. This week’s guest is Andrew Tucker, PGA Certified Golf Teaching Professional. Andrew has been a golf instructor for 25 years, and has played for 50. He offers comprehensive training programs for everyone, no matter your skill level, experience, or goals.

On this week’s show, I talk with Andrew about what makes Andrew successful as a golf pro. Not surprisingly, the actual mechanics of golf instruction are important – i.e. grip, position of the club face, swing patch, etc. – but probably secondary to the mental and psychological aspects of the game. We talk about how Andrew not only has to serve as a technical and proficiency expert, but more notably as a psychologist, voodoo man and cheerleader.

On a personal note, Andrew coached me in my game, and one of the first things he did was change my grip. If you’ve played golf before, you know that changing your grip can feel like someone is asking you to write with your non-dominant hand. When making an ask that big, one of the toughest things to do is ensure that your student buys in. He got me to buy in quickly, and I’ve been ripping the ball ever since.

Also in this episode, we talk about Andrew’s introduction to the game as a 7 year-old, how he came to build his own bunker in his backyard and took more than 50,000 bunker shots over 3 summers, a charming story about financing his game through selling blueberries from a roadside stand, and some golf culture. Who are his favorite players? What’s his favorite golf movie? And, we answer the question forefront of everyone’s mind: What is the secret of golf? Before the episode, don’t forget to check out Andrew Tucker

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