This Week’s Episode (3.23.15): Brian O’Connell

They’re back! Renegade Brewing returns to the Jon of All Trades Podcast this week, coinciding beautifully with Colorado Craft Beer Week! Last June I spoke with Brett Zahrte, who, at the time, was Renegade’s Assistant Brewer, and that’s an episode I’m extremely proud of. Brett and I talked at length about the brewing process, Brett’s path to working in the craft beer industry, and a ton more.

This week I’ve got the head honcho, Brian O’Connell. And before you listen to his interview with me, you should check him out on Welcome to Denver with Cory Helie. It’s a wonderfully entertaining interview that I enjoyed listening to immensely. Cory does a great job.

I point you to that interview because I intentionally made sure my interview with Brian was different. We cover a lot of ground together including Brian’s thoughts on how to keep the camaraderie of craft brewers together in a tightening and more competitive marketplace, how his approach may (or may not) differ when entering new markets such as Kansas or Nebraska, his thoughts on full strength beer sales in grocery and convenience stores, styles he hasn’t brewed yet but wants to, and a ton more. Yes, we cover his response to the Budweiser Super Bowl ad and discuss what other exit strategies besides acquisition by a macro exist. Brian is thoughtful, opinionated and incredibly hard-working. That makes him an ideal podcast guest.

The episode goes live on Wednesday, March 25. You can download it on iTunes, stream it on Stitcher, or listen live and for free on the Jon of All Trades homepage. And while you’re over on iTunes or Stitcher, maybe take some time and give us a rating or review? Much love to you if you do.

And as long as you’re in the clicking mood, head over to Renegade Brewing’s homepage, and their Facebook page. Those will help you stay up to date with all the Renegade news, when their tap room is open, and what beers are coming down the pike next. You need your Offensively Delicious fix!

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