This Week’s Episode (3.16.15): Fred Dreier

This week’s guest is Fred Dreier freelance journalist, lifestyle sport enthusiast, and old friend of mine. I’d like to tell you this episode provides great insight into how the world of freelance journalism works, or what Fred’s day is like hustling for work and cranking out content, but that would be inaccurate. The truth is, Fred and I hadn’t seen each other since a chance encounter in the Boston airport in 2006, and we ended up spending our hour together on the show bullshitting about whatever came to mind.

Fred and I grew up together. We’ve known each other since we were probably four years old. But time and life in general will sometimes cause people to drift apart, which is what happened to Fred and me. So we caught up with each other, and what you’ve got in this week’s episode is a fun, meandering chat between two old friends who remembered how much they enjoyed each other’s company.

Among the topics discussed this week:

  • DDP Yoga
  • Why the UFC might be headed for a fall
  • The cult of Crossfit
  • The hilarious extreme liberalism of Fred’s alma mater, University of California Santa Cruz
  • Why anyone’s undergraduate major probably doesn’t matter all that much
  • The hardest of the hardcore followers of the most obscure sports (spikeboarding, anyone?) in New York’s Central Park
  • The fall of Lance Armstrong
  • The fake finale of the HBO show Boardwalk Empire that Fred winds me up with beautifully

We do manage to talk about Fred’s long stint as a reporter working for Velo News out of Boulder, why he quit that gig and went to Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, some of his work writing for the Wall Street Journal, and some of the other things that actually speak to this show’s mission.

It’s just that Fred’s a funny dude, and it was more fun just to let the conversation go wherever it seemed to naturally, rather than try and direct it. This was one of the most fun interviews I ever did, and I think you’ll enjoy hearing it, too. Check it out on Wednesday, March 18. You can download it on iTunes, stream it on Stitcher, or get it at the Jon of All Trades homepage.

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