Ep. 282: Susie Wargin – Realtor, Radio and TV Personality

Susie Wargin is someone I’ve been listening to since I was 16 years old when I first heard her doing middays on KBPI. She hooked me. She was my favorite DJ, and she was a definite bright spot as I slogged through some shitty jobs during the summers. After going to college (and harboring a…

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Ep. 244: NERF from 93.3 KTCL and Punk Tacos (6-Year Anniversary!)

What are three of the things I love most? Punk rock. Radio. Denver. So, if I’m celebrating my 6-year anniversary of being a show, I’m doing it in style with a dude hugely responsible for Denver being such an amazing music town. I’ve got NERF from 93.3 KTCL talking with me (remotely, of course) about…

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Ep. 184: Kathy Walker – News Director, KOA NewsRadio

Kathy Walker is the News Director at 850 KOA NewsRadio in Denver. She has worked there since 1990. Any time I get to talk journalism, and radio in particular, I’m excited. Kathy’s had a fascinating career path having left college early to work as Marketing Director for a shopping mall in San Jose, winding through…

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