Denver Co-Working

Ep. 175: Cat Jaffee – Founder, House of Pod

Catherine de Medici Jaffee is a producer and founder of House of Pod. She spent many years as a National Geographic Explorer on the Turkish/Armenian/Georgian/Azerbaijani borders, she’s produced and consulted for Radiotopia and Gimlet, and she loves giving people chicken eggs. While the only part of that I cannot verify personally is her love of giving…

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Ep. 148: Ginna Santy and Melanie Ulle – Co-Founders of Women In Kind

Women in Kind focuses on women, their needs in business and in the business of life. As a co-working space located in Northeast Denver, Women in Kind works to identify, to anticipate what women need to be successful at work and integrate those things into the workplace. That means thinking about how to make women’s…

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