Avery Brewing

Ep. 123.5: Candid Beer Nerdery

If you’ve ever asked me about my show, you’ll know one of the most common things I’ll tell you about it is that some of the best things I hear happen once the microphones are turned off. So, since Episode 123 ran long anyway, and since we still had a buttload of beer to drink,…

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Ep. 123: Patrick Combs and Josh Clauss – Certified Cicerones

Patrick Combs is Mad Sensory Scientist for Avery Brewing and is a Certified Cicerone. He’s a self-taught expert in beer’s off-flavors, styles and tasting and began his career by designing an educational program for bars, restaurants and others in the history, service, and nuance of beer. Josh Clauss is also a Certified Cicerone, a beer…

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