Special Solo Ep: Deft Wins, Cubs Win, Trump Wins

Check out that episode title… 2/3 ain’t bad? Nah, too easy a joke. But that’s what you can expect from this week’s special solo episode.

It’s a big week around here for our parent company Deft Communications as we preview a very special happening for the company here on the podcast. I’m not going to spoil it here, so you’ll just have to listen, but I’m very excited to do something with the company I’ve yet to have the opportunity to do. Tune in to the show, and then check back on Friday for full coverage.

Secondly, anyone who’s known me for a long time knows what a huge Chicago Cubs fan I am. And for a variety of reasons, I never got to write the Chicago Cubs victory blog post I wanted to. So, I use the time and space I have on this week’s show to share my thoughts on the Cubs finally ending 108 years of futility and winning the World Series. Pertinent link: Here’s the article and embedded video I refer to during this week’s show. Watch it and grin as big as the video’s subject.

Finally, I’ve been very quiet about the electoral victory of Donald Trump. There’s a lot of reasons for this, and I get into some of them here. Additionally, I give an alternate view of “draining the swamp” which I think as a concept as presented by Donald Trump, is largely insincere posturing and lame populist pandering. More where that came from.

And if you need one reason to tune in this week, maybe you’d like to find out the weird thing Grace calls me. It ain’t “daddy” and if my wife had her way, she’d call me this forever because it’s strange and adorable.

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