This is Geek Bowl wrap-up week. Every day this week, I’ll post something from our recent trip to Austin for Geek Bowl VII.

“When you went to college here, did you have, like, a favorite place to go on 6th Street?” – Me, to Stephen, who went to University of Texas for four years.

“What’s that one place? With the roof?” – Stephen, honestly responding to that question.

On that very roof.

I visited 6th Street once while in my drinking prime and drank my fucking face off. It was great. Drinks were cheap, the street is literally closed off to vehicle traffic so you can shamble about drunkenly with minimal fear of accidentally wrecking your shit thanks to a wayward dick in an Explorer, and if you don’t like this particular dive, fuck it, the next one is literally the very next one.

On Friday we had literally been drinking all day. Jason, Kristin and I started with beers and a thoroughly terrible bagel at the airport and continued at the next airport (minus the bagel, but plus some delicious barbecue, which was so delicious it felt awkwardly out of place in the airport). We stopped at a liquor store on the way to the hotel, consumed the purchases from said liquor store in the hotel, then set our sights on the Ginger Man.

At the Ginger Man, sweet fucking God, try some new beer and order a Beer Companion. Thank me later. Or never. I don’t give a shit. Just enjoy.

Then a sort of long walk, Tex-Mex, more beers, a cab ride, yet more beers back at the hotel, and off to 6th Street.

So, needless to say, we were open to suggestion, and when “The place with the roof” was offered, we followed in tow despite that possibly pertaining to anything. This particular roof-having establishment turned out to be Maggie Mae’s, a bar with an open air rooftop bar and patio. Ahhh… the roof.

We got drunker here, and then wandered over to The Library where we got way drunker and the night sort of becomes a blur. Shots come into play. I don’t really recall what brand of beer I was drinking. I think I took a photo of Kristin drinking out of two beer bottles at once. Something something dark side. I do recall my amusement at being able to purchase 6 drinks for less than $20.

The only thing the night was missing was Stephen walking through a fast food drive-thru like a fucking Jedi for the third time. I’ve seen him do that twice in two different states. I get yelled at when I try.

He may not be good with the names and the places, but motherfucker can get his fast food like an absolute champion.

And we’ll always have “the place with the roof.” And a blistering hangover the next day. So bitchin’.

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