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Shamless plugging ahoy!

Today I roll out the Jon of All Trades Podcast! Please head over and check out the first three episodes, all of which are posted now.

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And most importantly, check out the first 3 episodes. After the jump you’ll find a preview of all three debut episodes. Peruse at your leisure, and then hie thee to the site and listen away.

Mike and Jon

Ep. 1: Mike Gaughan – Lifetime Public Relations Award Winner

Mike Gaughan, Chairman of MGA Communications, is a public relations legend. His three lifetime achievement awards speak for themselves, as does his firm’s earning of one of the Top 5 PR Campaigns of the Decade, awarded by The Holmes Report, for its work on the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. Mike and Jon discuss how a site with “the most polluted square mile on earth” became a beautiful National Wildlife Refuge. Mike’s work wasn’t always environmental. Mike started in movies, and he shares a hilarious anecdote about hosting the premier of Return of the Jedi and having to deal with a pissed of C-3PO and a half dozen Ewoks.

Cindy and Jon

Ep. 2: Cindy Sovine-Miller – Lobbyist and Political Consultant

Cindy Sovine-Miller is a lobbyist that offers a full array of services for her many clients at the Colorado state level, and, increasingly, at the federal level as well. As the founder of her own political consulting firm, Cindy has been involved in virtually every aspect of our democratic process. Cindy shares her thoughts about the law of unintended consequences specifically with regard to term limits and a ban on “gifts” to legislators from lobbyists. She also talks about what happens and who suffers when elected leaders use healthcare as a political weapon. If all democracy and civic engagement were modeled after Cindy’s approach, we’d all be better off.

Jason and Jon

Ep. 3: Jason Calloway – Restauranteur, Chef, Co-Owner of Rooster and Moon Coffee Pub

Jason “Bird” Calloway is the owner of Rooster & Moon Coffee Coffee Pub. In today’s episode, he and Jon talk about the origin of how Rooster & Moon became one of Denver’s 10 Coolest Coffeehouses, according to Zagat,  the daily challenges of running a bar/restaurant/coffeehouse, and how in Dallas, TX, at the age of 19, Bird crafted the perfect martini for a retail icon. Bird takes us across the country from Dallas to Orange County, CA to Chicago, and finally to Denver on his life’s journey that now sees him, along with his co-founder Bode, successfully slinging vibe in one of the coolest coffee joints in Denver.


Thanks to everyone who helped me get this rolling. All the interviewees who sat down with me when I didn’t even have anything to show them. Brad for creating such a badass logo (yet again). Hire him. Mikey for creating such a dynamite audio intro. Hire him too. My wife for supporting me in this crazy venture. And all of you who choose to listen.

I hope you enjoy it.

(And don’t worry, the blog isn’t going away.)

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