Open Screen Night: This Tuesday, August 26!

As I post this on a Friday, I realize many of you are making and/or finalizing plans for the weekend. That’s all well and good, but I’d like you to look just a bit beyond that and think about what you’re doing on Tuesday of next week.

Wait. “Tuesday?” you ask incredulously, fully understanding that Tuesday is the least essential-yet-somehow-still-consistently-present day of the week.

Yes, Tuesday. Tuesday, August 26th is Open Screen Night at the Oriental Theater.

And guess what? I’m the host! So get your ass to Mars!

Er, wait… Get your ass to the Oriental Theater at 8 pm and support local filmmakers, while enjoying the suave hosting style of yours truly. What is Open Screen Night, exactly? I’m glad you asked. Let’s go to the homepage!

“Open Screen Night at The Historic Oriental Theater began in July 2011 and is now the longest running monthly film event in the theater’s history. Hosted the last Tuesday of every month, the event draws on several events from around the country for inspiration, but basically we make short videos and we get together to show them off. The result is a unique variety show that serves as a window into the rich pallet of talent we have in this great city.”

Or to sum it up, as they do, “Think Open Mic Night meets Gong Show meets Sundance.”

This month Open Screen Night is accepting submissions from the 48 Hour Film Project. My love of the 48 Hour Film Project is well documented, so it’s quite the lucky break I am privileged enough to host this event where awesome local filmmakers get to show off their work to an adoring public.

On a personal note, I am very proud to have the opportunity to host Open Screen Night. If you’re a fan of the Jon of All Trades Podcast, I encourage you to join us. As you well know, what blows my skirt up, serves as the cheese on my cracker, gets me “up and atom!” and basically fends off the existential despair of a grinding, white collar, Sisyphean, office gulag existence is the chance to hang with the wonderful, life-affirming crazies who make art and take chances every chance they get.

What Jon of All Trades is on the interwebs, my chance to host Open Screen Night is live and in person. So come to the Oriental Theater this Tuesday, 8 pm, and check out the work of a cavalcade of local artists.

I can’t wait to see you there.

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