Jon’s Audio Resume Vol. 10: Administrative Assistant

Welcome to Jon’s Audio Resume, the Jon of All Trades solo exploration of all the weird ass jobs I’ve had in my life. This series runs in chronological order and here is my tenth job.

Job: Administrative Assistant, Colorado Oil & Gas Association
Duration: August 2006 – November 2006
Pay: $15/hr
Did I get along with my boss? Yes! Great guy!

As I finally graduate college in this series, let’s take a look at my first real grown-up job answering the phones, getting the mail, and doing a bunch of unglamorous work that felt like a huge step back from writing my master’s thesis. But this job taught me a lot, and this episode is filled with important shit I learned in both searching for my first job, and doing it. Here’s a bunch of the stuff I cover in this half hour:

  • How to network;
  • Why events branded as “networking events” are puke;
  • What you should actually expect from a new contact you meet;
  • How to be relentless in pursuing what you really want without being a total jagoff;
  • Why you should always seek the work at a new company that no one else wants to do;
  • The possible benefits and terror of fudging your resume;
  • The first time I got thrown into the professional deep end and survived (first time of many)

And there’s lots more, too! You’ll love it! So download it on iTunes, stream it on Stitcher, or listen at the Jon of All Trades homepage.

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