Jon of All Trades Returns February 17 with Thomas Harding

It’s been far too long… so hello again!

As I post this, it’s approximately 15 degrees outside in Denver, there’s a wind that stings your face like an assault of needles, and my feet are so cold, I wish I didn’t have feet anymore. In short, it’s winter, and I hate it.

One coping mechanism I use in dealing with winter is looking forward to baseball season. I don’t particularly care how you feel about baseball – although, that said, if you don’t like baseball you’re objectively wrong – but it’s hard to deny that baseball season is the harbinger of better things to come. Warm weather, barbecues, getting together outside with friends, beer shandies, etc.

With that in mind, what a better way to bring back the Jon of All Trades Podcast than with some baseball talk. So, on February 17, two weeks from today, and two days before we that hopeful phrase “Pitchers and catchers report” becomes reality, I welcome Thomas Harding, beat writer for the Colorado Rockies and to the show.

We talk about a ton of stuff – how he came to write about baseball despite growing up a hockey fan in West Virginia, his day-to-day life cranking out words on the Rockies, what we can expect from the team this year, and some amusing anecdotes from his 30+ years in baseball. It’s a damn fine show about one of my favorite topics with a guy whose experience is incredibly deep.

So join us on February 17! You can listen live at the Jon of All Trades homepage, or download us on iTunes or Stitcher. While you’re there, give us a rating and review. Also, one other announcement: This is the last episode preview that will appear on the homepage. Every other episode preview will appear on Facebook, so head to the Jon of All Trades Facebook page and give us a like to stay up to date on all upcoming episodes.

It feels great to be back! See you all February 17!

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