Ep. 97: Penny Lake – Interior Designer

Penny Lake is a Senior Interior Designer with Lantz-Boggio Architects. More importantly, she’s a dear friend of mine and one, oddly enough, I’ve never sat down to talk shop with. It’s amazing when you get together with your friends that unless you work together in the same industry or for the same company, you probably don’t talk about your job all that frequently. I’ve known Penny for about a decade at this point, and I don’t think I ever bothered to ask about the ins and outs of what an interior designer does. That is, until this episode…

On this week’s show, Penny goes into detail about how she came to be an interior designer and what they do. Despite thinking she’d work in medicine or science, something didn’t click during her college years and transitioned abruptly to interior design. What’s amazing to me is that interior design is like a gorgeous collision of fine art and practicality. You’re considering not just the aesthetic of a space, but also the function, flow, and usability of it, all while accommodating for a variety of municipal, state, federal, and international design codes.

Some of the finer points of this episode include discussing how senior living facilities have evolved to embracing a hospitality model, how our cultural travel to built spaces is decreasing on the whole, how her industry has changed in the 15 years she’s been practicing, and where she’d like to see it go. Hint: Sustainability is and should be the future.

On a personal note, I realize I’m biased here because I’ve delivered 97 shows to you in this format, but take some time to find out more about what your friends and loved ones do with their day. Chances are excellent you’ll learn something new about them while feeling closer to them. Our personal and professional lives are often not necessarily well-connected, and bridging that gap can yield some amazing things.

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