Ep. 82: Nathan Silver and Mike Ott – Independent Filmmakers

This interview is part of our coverage of the 38th Denver Film Festival. We are proud to bring you five different interviews in five days. Check out the Denver Film Festival category on the Jon of All Trades homepage for all the interviews.

Nathan Silver and Mike Ott are the creative forces behind the Untitled Denver Project. And although they’re both extremely tight lipped about the details of that project and tell me very little about it in this week’s episode, having met both of them and seen their work, I remain very excited about it.

Nathan Silver and Mike Ott also share the work they’re presenting at the Denver Film Festival. Nathan’s film Stinking Heaven is “a black as tar comedy charting the dissolution of a commune for sober living in 90’s suburban New Jersey.” It’s an extremely challenging film, and I encourage you to check out the reviews written by Variety and The Hollywood Reporter to hear it described better than I ever could.

Mike Ott’s short “Lancaster, CA” features the story of Cory, and is part of Mike’s feature length California Dreams. Mike talks about that project in great detail on this week’s show.

One thing I adore about this episode is how candid Mike and Nathan are about every subject we discuss – everything from the challenges of funding things on Kickstarter to the frustrations of the festival circuit to the future of independent cinema. It was a pleasure spending time with guys who are not only great artists, but who have tremendous insight into doing what they do.

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