Ep. 74: Denise Maes and Eric Farone – Improv Gurus, Co-Owners Bovine Metropolis Theater

Denise Maes and Eric Farone are co-owners of the Bovine Metropolis Theater, located in downtown Denver. Bovine Metropolis Theater is the first dedicated school and theater for improvisation in the Rocky Mountain region and teaches the art of accepting the unknown gracefully.

On this week’s show, Eric and Denise share the origin story of the Bovine Metropolis Theater, the three pillars of their business – teaching improv to students, putting on shows, and providing corporate trainings. The first two are what you’d probably expect from theater owners, but that third pillar proves extremely interesting.

Having now completed Level 1 of their training program, there are principles learned that are eminently applicable to the world of business. The concept of getting on stage and saying, “Yes, and…” which is to say being open to suggestion and building upon those suggestions rather than dismissing them out of hand, is a foundation upon which a successful business and work culture is built. Providing an improv training for your team can provide a short-term solution (to whatever problem you’re looking to solve), but Eric and Denise are seeking to transform cultures.

Improv is all about transformation. We transform onstage into the characters that live inside ourselves. We transform blank space into locations. And we transform our bodies to conjure objects out of thin air. Why can’t we transform the way we work and the way we relate to each other?

And lest you think this episode is all philosophical pontification, we have fun talking about comedy, different forms of improv, and even digress into goofy anecdotes. My favorite involves Eric dressing up as Chuck E. Cheese and crashing a photo op with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Say yes, and download this great episode of the Jon of All Trades Podcast. You can do so on iTunes, Stitcher, or at our homepage. And then get yourself over to the Bovine Metropolis Theater and check out a show. You’ll be glad you did.

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