Ep. 73: Mathew Jones – Film Marketer, Movie Trailer Editor

You’ve seen the work of Mathew Jones before. Probably a lot, in fact. How can that be when you’ve likely never heard his name or seen his face? It’s because like thousands of others who work in moviemaking, he’s behind the scenes, one cog in a gigantic machine helping to make the movie magic you know and love come to life in front of you.

So what does he do? Mathew Jones works in film marketing as a movie trailer editor. Sometimes he creates short 15 or 30 second TV spots for films, and sometimes he creates full two-and-a-half minute theatrical trailers. What kind of movies are we talking about? Only little films like American Hustle, The Amazing Spider-Man & The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Insidious: Chapter 3, and The Interview starring James Franco and Seth Rogen. Yes, THAT The Interview that had North Korea threatening to do all sorts of awful things to any U.S. theater that showed it.

On this week’s show, Mathew takes us behind the scenes of Hollywood as he tells us how took his love of film and and worked his way to becoming a movie trailer editor after a series of gigs in the filmmaking world. It’s a fascinating journey, and if you’re a movie fan, you’ll recognize a ton of the names in this podcast. We geek out over movies, we talk details of how his job actually works (he gets to see film footage before most people on the planet in many cases), and we take a look behind the curtain in Hollywood at something we all know, but have no idea about how it works.

One note of clarification from the podcast that I forget to mention in the intro (even though I said I would), the movie we’re alluding to near the beginning of this week’s chat is In a World… and we can’t remember the director’s name. To close the loop on that, her name is Lake Bell. Keep that in mind as we both grope for her name during the show.

Mathew Jones works for Group 11 Advertising in Los Angeles. Make sure to play that awesome video on their homepage to get a sense for their work. It’s damned impressive.

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