Ep. 69: Tim Lollar – Former MLB Pitcher and Current Country Club Pro

Tim Lollar was a professional baseball player for 10 years. He was drafted by New York Yankees, played for the San Diego Padres where he earned the honor of being Opening Day starter for one year and played in the World Series, and also spent time with the Chicago White Sox and Boston Red Sox. You can check out his career statistics on his Baseball Reference page.

On this week’s show, Tim shares with us stories and insights from his career ranging from what it’s like to be traded, what baserunners talk about with 1st basemen while on base, his favorite (and least favorite) places to play and players to face, and a ton more. We also spend a substantial amount of time talking about the importance of a pitcher’s ability to pitch inside and why some of the game’s unwritten rules exist in the first place. We have a terrific chat about baseball culture.

We also talk about how Tim made the transition from being a Major League Baseball player to the second act of his life. Professional athlete careers are short, and I’ve always been fascinated by learning how they make the transition to the next phase. Tim is good enough to share his journey with us, which segues nicely into a chat about his role at Lakewood Country Club as well as some yakking about golf culture in general. I very much appreciate Tim Lollar for his time and insight.

All in all, this is an ideal summer episode. A little baseball, a little golf, and plenty of insight. Please check out Lakewood Country Club’s website and see for yourself why it’s often referred to as “The Emerald of Jefferson County.”

Download the episode on iTunes, stream it on Stitcher, or listen at the Jon of All Trades homepage. And enjoy!

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