Ep. 68: Roxie Falco – Paramedical Aesthetician and Owner of Flawless Skin Studio

Roxie Falco is a paramedical aesthetician and the owner of Flawless Skin Studio in Arvada, CO. She’s not only a tactician specializing in clinical facials, microneedling, chemical peels and body waxing, she’s an educator, a cheerleader, and an advocate for people to achieve optimal health for their body’s largest organ.

On this week’s show we delve into why your skin is about so much more than its aesthetic qualities and serves as a marker of your overall health. Roxie has always been interested in skin starting with her passion for makeup, but as her career progressed, she learned that makeup can only do so much, and she wanted to get to the root of the problems she routinely encountered. So, she began educating, and then took the leap of faith and launched the Flawless Skin Studio just over two years ago.

This week’s chat is fantastically informative as we talk about why no one seems to know how to take care of their skin, why she doesn’t give out (in her words) “foo-foo facials,” how she’s built her business to be different from the hundreds of generic spas out there with their nature sounds, cookie cutter design, and inability to get to the root of people’s skin care issues. She also reveals the Fountain of Youth – don’t get too excited, it’s something you should have been using all along – what you should probably be washing your face with, what it’s like to rip the hair out of someone with hot wax, how men and women respond differently, and a ton more.

Like I said, this is a fantastically informative episode jam packed with helpful knowledge about how better to take care of yourself. Give it a listen, and then book yourself an appointment with the Flawless Skin Studio.

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