Ep. 66: Chuck Fryberger – Action Sports Filmmaker

Chuck Fryberger is a man of many passions. He’s a climber, a filmmaker, a creative professional and an entrepreneur (he’s the head honcho of Sparkshop). He’s also this week’s guest on the Jon of All Trades Podcast.

On this week’s show Chuck talks with Jon about how a hobby of filming his friends on climbing trips evolved into a full-time career making feature length action sports movies and working with commercial clients on all manner of creative projects. He also gives Jon a short lesson in climbing 101, recounts some of the many places all over the world his career has taken him, frets a bit about the carbon footprint this has resulted in, and his role in the risk calculus of documenting athletes who feel compelled to take greater and greater risks to make the viewing public go “wow!”

It’s a stimulating chat as Chuck is a thoughtful but enthusiastic ambassador for his world and the work he does in it. It’s also interesting listening to someone who dangles off the edge of a cliff talk about the risks associated with owning your own business. Whether that’s in making a movie without the funding to finish it, working project-to-project, or surviving a perpetually changing media landscape, the risks are abundant and relentless. In talking to Chuck Fryberger though, you get the sense there’s little he can’t do.

Be sure to visit Sparkshop’s website, and pay a special visit to their gallery page where you can sample their work. Chuck was good enough to give me three of his DVDs. They’re beautifully shot, exquisitely composed, and just plain fun to watch.

This episode is available at the Jon of All Trades homepage along with every episode we’ve ever done (check out our archive here), for download on iTunes, and for streaming on Stitcher.

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