Ep. 63: Sarah Hogan and Cori Streetman – Founders of Barefoot Public Relations

Sarah Hogan and Cori Streetman founded Barefoot Public Relations nearly five years ago. Why are they called “Barefoot?” Well, according to their website: “The Barefoot PR team encourages clients to always stay true to the principles on which the company or organization was built. Never dressing up clients to be something they are not, Barefoot PR establishes reputational capital through positive public relations practices.”

On this week’s show, Cori and Sarah take us through the winding journey that brought them together – Sarah working a corporate PR job, Cori working for a consulting firm that failed to leverage itself (or her) to their fullest potential – and how their relationship blossomed. Our world moves rapidly, and sometimes we don’t spend much time looking back. That’s why I find this episode so fun. You get to see two friends and business partners retrace their steps and recount the courtship ritual that occurs when making a new friend, or getting into business with someone new. In their case, they did both, and it’s funny how similar the muscles used in coming together aren’t that different from those used in dating.

One of the main reasons I wanted to talk with Cori and Sarah is they were among the chorus of voices encouraging me to take the leap and go out on my own. It’s not hard to understand why when you listen to this episode as I found myself listening to them relive their own business origin story and nodding my head in agreement at much of what they were saying since it mirrored many of my own feelings. Working for someone else, or under the umbrella of a large company, certainly has its advantages. But when you have that itch to push yourself, or if you don’t fit culturally, the desire to take the leap is enormous.

I thank both of them for their encouragement and for sharing their journey on this week’s show. You can always check it out on the Jon of All Trades homepage. Or you can download it on iTunes. Or stream it on Stitcher. And whatever you do, be sure to check out the Barefoot Public Relations website.

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