Ep. 58: Andrea Antognoni – Therapeutic Musician

Andrea Antognoni is a therapeutic musician, or Certified Music Practitioner. What does this type of person do? I’ll let Andrea’s website explain:

“We are Nationally Board Certified Therapeutic Musicians who offer live bedside music in hospitals, medical facilities, and hospice or in-home care situations for people who are Acute, Non-Acute, Alzheimer/Dementia, or Actively Dying.¬†Clinical research shows us that live bedside music can elicit the relaxation response, reduce blood pressure, affect respiration, stabilize heart rate, decrease muscular tension, relieve anxiety and stress, boost the immune system, reduce the need for anesthesia and pain relievers, increase endorphin levels, slow down and equalize brain waves, accelerate surgical recovery and physical healing, foster a sense of safety and well being, sharpen mental focus, and provide companionship. Therapeutic music offers a non-pharmacological approach to people in long term care.”

In short, Andrea seeks to create a healing presence at the bedside with live therapeutic music. She provides a sample of her talents when she plays live on the podcast with her ukelele, finger piano (I had never seen one before either), and, most notably, her voice. Andrea has an exquisite and beautiful voice, and just listening to her live in my basement made me feel instantly better. It’s not hard after hearing her play to understand how therapeutic music can be so beneficial.

On this week’s episode, we also dig into Andrea’s long history with music, who her favorites and inspirations are, why she burned out as a performer for over a decade, and a ton more. Andrea lives across the street from me, and sometimes you have no idea the beauty, the art, or the talent that surrounds you. I’m honored to highlight Andrea’s work on the show, and I implore you, if nothing else, listen to this episode to hear Andrea sing into your headphones. It’s well worth it.

Please check out Andrea Antognoni’s website here, and be sure to look at Music for Healing and Transitition Program for more information about the training and certification of Certified Music Practitioners.

You can download this episode on iTunes, or stream it on Stitcher.

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