Ep. 46: Deirdre Wildman – Hospitalitarian

Deirdre Wildman is a hospitalitarian at Four Five One Events. She is “someone who supports, advocates and practices the hospitality doctrine through philanthropy, culinary arts and event sciences.” And on this week’s show, she not only gives us a peek into her always-on mind by walking Jon through a hypothetical event consultation (Ed note: I did not speed up the tape here, Deirdre is just that dialed in to what she does.), she takes us on a walk through various points of her life where she acquired many of the skills she uses everyday. She talks about being fearless while pitching the “old boys club” of real estate. She discusses the elaborate dinner parties she threw – largely using the food she grew in her 5,000 sq. ft. garden – and how that opened the door to her current job. And she paints a vivid picture of how she helped a dedicated committee of pros spice up a gala for an organization that just turned 100 years-old.

The sheer volume of things Deirdre Wildman is involved with can make your head spin, but that’s just the way this Type-A (or Type-AA, as she refers to it) likes it. Whether it’s traveling to Africa as part of her role on the board of brand new non-profit the Global Livingston Institute, cooking dinner for her group of friends, or finding whatever weird tchotchke is needed for her next big-time corporate event, Deirdre is on the move. In a nutshell, she’s Red from The Shawshank Redemption. She’s a woman who knows how to get things. And she and Jon have an energized chat about all of it.

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