Ep. 39: Shari Shink – Child Advocate and Founder of The Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center

Shari Shink is a tireless advocate for abused and foster kids. After moving to Denver in the early 1980s, she founded The Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center,  whose mission is to “transform the lives of abused, neglected and at-risk children through compassionate legal advocacy, education and public policy reform.” On this week’s show, Shari and Jon discuss the humble origins of the Children’s Law Center, the court case that spurred Shari to create the organization, how her work evolved from seeking to help the kids she worked with in the courtroom to seeking larger systemic change, and how we can all help the kids who need the most help.

One of the things Shari has learned in her time as an advocate for abused children and kids chewed up by a complex system, is that the details and realities of their situations can be pretty grim, and hearing about them can turn people off. That’s why Shari is so relentlessly upbeat and hopeful. Our conversation on this week’s show reflects that. Shari is an absolute shining light, and her radiance transcends the subject matter. We talk about a lot of serious stuff, but the conversation is never maudlin, depressing, or defeatist. It’s one of the most lively chats in the history of this show, and only exemplifies Shari’s beautiful spirit and informs her success in helping to grow the Children’s Law Center into the robust organization it is today.

I guarantee you will walk away from this chat feeling energized and inspired. Together we can make a difference.

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