Ep. 36: Sarah – Elementary School Teacher (CONFIDENTIAL Series)

Sarah [last name redacted] is an elementary school teacher in the Denver Metro area. We opted to keep this chat confidential because I wanted to capture the life of an elementary school teacher, and she wanted to avoid the long, annoying arm of school bureaucracy. Enter: CONFIDENTIAL Series, and we have a win-win solution. As the son of a teacher who taught early elementary education for more than 30 years, I am well-versed in what a teacher’s life is like, but I wanted to capture the experience in its purest current form. Sarah gives us insight into her day-to-day experience, her thoughts on standardized testing and common core, and necessarily being the center of attention every single day she’s in front of the kids. I think you’ll walk away feeling inspired by the folks who work tirelessly in our education system, and this episode is dedicated to them.

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