Ep. 34: Joe Kempter – Stay-at-home Dad, Domestic Champion, BBQ Dude

Joe Kempter works tirelessly supporting his wife and son. He’s a stay-at-home dad to his 10-month old son, Landon, and on this week’s show we talk about his decision to stay home, what the average day is like for him and his young son, and what it’s like when other parents throw shade at the hipster-looking dad they may not expect to see at the museum. It’s important to highlight the stay-at-home parents for the relentless and valuable work they do, which is why I’m proud to feature Joe on this week’s episode the week after featuring Stephanie Antoun, our stay-at-home mom. I adored talking to Joe, and this episode has only gotten me more excited to become a dad.

I’m also pleased to highlight Pampaw’s BBQ Products, a company started by Joe’s in-laws. Joe was kind enough to leave me some of their sauces, and they’ve all been exceptional. Click that link, and do your mouth a favor.

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