Ep. 330: Jon Eks Solo – 40 Is a Mindf*ck

I’m not going to bore you with a lot of text here. I’ve been 40 years old for about 10 months and it’s a total mindfuck for two reasons:

  1. Ideally you have the freedom to be who you most want to be and the resources to achieve that;
  2. You are out of excuses for your own bullshit, and if you continue to lie to yourself, that will only lead to regret.

Tune in to hear me opine about how I was frequently the youngest guy in most rooms during my career (and how that’s now over), why 40 is both total freedom and a brutal personal reckoning, why your lifetime of excuses and crutches no longer work, dieting and health coaching, changing my relationship with alcohol, live music, the beauty of dorky teenagers at concerts, and anything else I’ve forgotten after a 35 minute profane, fugue state, stream of consciousness monologue.

It’s unfiltered, it’s unedited, and it’s straight from the heart. I hope you enjoy it and get some value from it.

Photo is of me and my wife at the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville.

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