Ep. 327: Joe O’Dea – Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate from Colorado

Joe O’Dea is seeking to be the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Colorado and he’s the guest on Ep. 327 of the Jon of All Trades Podcast debuting May 18, 2022.

Joe O’Dea is currently running for a seat in the United States Senate representing Colorado and seeking to defeat incumbent Democrat Michael Bennet. Here are the first few sentences from his “Meet Joe” page on his campaign website:

Joe’s a political outsider, and a conservative.

Joe O’Dea is the CEO of a Colorado construction company running for the United States Senate.

Joe supports term limits, a balanced budget, and opposes higher taxes.

I was invited by his campaign team to interview him, and I took them up on it. This is an interesting episode in that I had two approaches to it. 1) When it comes to Joe the candidate, I did my best to ask him direct questions without being too friendly or too adversarial. Anyone running for public office should expect to be asked direct questions about their ideology, proposed policy, approach, and philosophical beliefs about the role of government in our lives. You the listener deserve nothing less. 2) When it comes to Joe the man, Joe the business owner, or Joe the fellow native Coloradan, I took a friendlier approach with a softer touch, which is generally and historically the format of this show.

I ask Joe about his businesses, why he’s seeking to jump right into the Senate despite having no elected official experience previously, and about his platform. I ask him specifically about the recent leaked Supreme Court memo about Roe v. Wade, his feelings about former President Trump, and how he hopes to impact local issues such as crime from a federally elected position. I also ask him about the Broncos, his favorite events at Mile High Station (one of his businesses), and other things from his life. It’s a varied, interesting, and quick chat that lasts a bit over 30 minutes.

You can find Joe’s campaign website here. If you wish to donate to his campaign, you can do so here.

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