Ep. 304: Jon Eks Solo and in a Creative Funk

This show has grinded to a halt. Literally, I’m having a hard time generating any momentum with potential guests, my writing process is laborious and tortured, and while I have plenty of TIME, the ideas simply ain’t coming.

So, this week is an attempted exorcism. I turned on the mics before I could mentally set an agenda and just let ‘er rip. And in this week’s 25 minutes, here’s a sampling of what I talk about:

  • Why I’m always melancholy at the end of summer
  • Why I’m particularly bummed about the end of this summer
  • The continued Finn-shaped hole in my life
  • Why I am so incredibly frustrated at anti-vaxxers
  • How we’re all going to be dealing with various and assorted buried traumas stemming from this pandemic for years to come
  • How much I hate that when I’m in a creative funk, I can only seem to talk in cliches and platitudes
  • I end on a note of positivity as I share why I love AEW so much and the card they’re airing tonight.

Are you prepared for me to digress and circle back multiple times with new insights? Are you ready for me use a whole lot of profanity? Can you help get me out of this funk? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, this episode is for you! Get it on iTunes, stream it on Spotify, or listen at the Jon of All Trades homepage.

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