Ep. 300: Jon Eks Solo – Celebrating a (Quasi) Milestone

Me outside El Camino in The Highlands with my two delightful girls.

Since we’re sort of at a milestone, I thought it a good time to pause and reflect on where we are and where we’ve been. In truth, this is my 351st episode which doesn’t usually warrant any kind of notable extra action. But since we’re at 300 in terms of the ones I’ve numbered, let’s take a minute here.

On this week’s stream-of-consciousness, fugue state, circuitous edition of “What the hell is Jon going to say?” (alternately titled – “Just how profane is Jon when he’s thinking out loud and talking off the cuff?” Spoiler alert: Very!), I talk about the early days of the podcast, how shitty I used to be at editing, how social anxiety prepared me to be a good interviewer, and how my dreams have come true.

That’s right, at a certain point early in the show’s run I thought to myself, “Man, I wish I could just do this all the time.” And you know what? That came true! And then it turned out I didn’t want to do this all the time, which was also incredibly rewarding to realize! I have a level of freedom and a level of autonomy I used to be able only to fantasize about. Getting to live it everyday is exactly how I hoped my life would turn out. And the reason is you.

And this insane, motormouthed rantfest is my love letter to you. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life. I have what I have for two reasons: 1) I was ballsy enough to take my fucking shot; and 2) Enough people out there gave a shit about what I was selling to make that shot pay off. I spoke for more than 30 minutes and when I was done it felt like I talked for only 3. I hope it feels that way to you, too.

Check it out on iTunes, stream it on Spotify, or find it (along with the other 350 pieces of audio I’ve produced) at the Jon of All Trades homepage.

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